ponedeljek, 15. februar 2010


I realy had no idea I would make it, but I finaly finished a house. Now I only have to gather all CC to put it on your shopping list. 

I have decided to give you direct links to all CC needed. If there will be a pay object I will link to the original creator and to booty, so everyone can get what they need. And therefor I will need a little more time to gather all this, so I hope you can wait for a little bit longer. I can upload the house today if you want, but I think it is better I finish CC list, so the house can show up properly in your game. 

Ahaaaaaa!!!! I totaly forgot to tell you, for now there are only Sims3Pack files in my downloads folder, so if I link to creator that offers .package files and Sims3Pack for the same objects, please download Sims3Pack!!!!

Have a great day.....

Lili ... xoxo

nedelja, 14. februar 2010


Hey all!!!

Just checking in so I can tell you that I am working on a new house, but I have problems with my eyes, so I can`t finish it as fast as  I would like. But it will be done sometime this week, I hope. After this house I will try again to install .package files ( I only have Sims3Pack files now) and than again to work on a new one - modern house. 

So this is all I wanted to let you know.

Happy Valentines day to you all!!!!

Lili .... xoxo

petek, 05. februar 2010


Hey all!

I have been trying for a week now for my game to work and I have not succeeded. None of .package files are showing up in my game. After I try to load it, it is loading very slowly, but when I enter the game, no CC is there. I just don`t get it. I can`t figure it out any more. I am posting around forums my problems but nobody answers my questions any more, so I have no idea what to do.

- I have base game patched to 1.7.9 and WA to 2.2.8. (even when not patching CC wouldn`t show up),
- I have .resource file in my WA game  root and dll file in my WA bin folder (so this should not be the problem),
- I ran blue lot fixer and blue object fixer and  dashboard to be sure there are no corrupted and other files.

I just can`t imagine building and decorating my houses without that CC. Maby I`ll wait if those converted sets are avaliable in Sims3Pack, but if not, I don`t think I can play. I know it sounds very stupid, but most of patterns I had were .package files and I can`t decorate withouth them.I tried it yesterday, and there is always something missing, and than I am just not in the mood anymore for decorating.

Lili..... xoxo

torek, 02. februar 2010


Just letting you all know, that I still have couple of problems with my game (have to patch it so I can normaly install Sims3Pack patterns and have all body and facial sliders and all package files), but this should be resolved in a day or two. Gladly I have 4 days free of work, so I`ll have all the time I want.

Than I will start on a new house. I have decided to do a mini task from BPS  - Pretty in Pink (decorating your house all in pink) and the next one will be from a mini task too, but decorating a house for a guy. After these makowers I`ll start on a modern houses for a while. Oooo yeah... forgot to tell you!!! The poll for voting is now closed and most vanted style is modern and than shabby.

Soooo... this is it for now. I am realy happy for all your replies and good words!!!

Lili... xoxo


ponedeljek, 01. februar 2010


Thank you all here and at BPS for all your nice words and encouragment when I lost everything from my game. I feel a little bad now, doing all this commotion and feeling bad about it. I installed my game and made it work with CC in just about an hour. Now all I have to do, is find those bad files that are making my game lag. I had luck that I posted tutorial at BPS how to do this propery and I had a little help too from Maltha 002 & Fido, L.J. and couple of other great members at BPS. 

I just can`t wait to start building and decorating houses for you, again. Hopefully I`ll start toonight.

Love you all....

Lili... xoxo

sobota, 30. januar 2010


I installed program Merlin from TSR, and after finding out it is not working, I uninstalled and with this - I LOST EVERYTHING All my CC is gone, vanished. I can`t download anything and install it, because my Sims3 Launcher is not working any more. I feel horrible The house I have been working on for Shante wont be done. I only had to do the living room, study and bathroom fo finish.... I could just cry I have no idea how I feel now. I am ANGRY, SO ANGRY, I can`t even describe it, how.

Just the thought of knowing I have to uninstall my game, and install it back, and make it actualy work.... I just don`t know if I can do it. Maby I should just leave Sims3 as I did Sims2 and get on.... find some other hobby :(

I am just so dissapointed.....


nedelja, 24. januar 2010

MY FAMILY HOUSE - some CC causing blue lot problem!!!!!!!

I just got PM`d that this house is causing the "BLUE LOT" problem. I`ll try to find the files that are causing this as soon as possible. And if somebody finds it before me, I would realy appreciate it if you could PM me at Black Pearl Sims (liljanafras) or just post a comment under Family House.

FOR INFORMATION: I have my game fully patched till 2.3 and I have installed World Adventures EP.

I apologize for any troubles my house might have cause you. But just a warning!!!  YOU DON`T NEED TO REAINSTALL THE GAME TO FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!! Read HERE, how to fix it.

Lili xoxo



So Cara found 3 bad files that were causing blue lots:

1. White rug in between sofa and TV in livingroom

2. Plant next to fridge in kitchen/dining area

3. Blue loveseat in upstairs bedroom

This is how she fixed her`s:

"Ran the package files through Delphy's BlueLotFixer which fixed 3 files. I then used Merlin to identify the 3 files.
I removed these three objects from the house, then packaged it up into the Exports folder. I also put it into the library. Deleted corrupt house from library. Started a new game, put cleaned house from library onto lot, no blue lots. "

Thanks again Cara!!!!!!!

Lili xoxo